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Banking, Prepaid Cards, Insurance, Gift Cards, Mobile Payments
10% higher match rates while authenticating your customers


With a comprehensive knowledge and vast experience of the finance sector iid offers innovative, robust and cost effective products and services to fulfil all your regulatory CDD and AML requirements. At iid we recognise that the ever changing regulations can become unclear and puzzling. Our compliance specialists are on hand to offer expert advice and step by step guidance to implementing fully compliant policies and processes.

iid’s flexible and tailored solutions, first class customer service, competitive rates and exceptional compliance knowledge have meant that many financial institutions have selected iid as their primary identity and anti-money laundering provider. If your focus is on banking, prepaid cards, insurance, gift cards or mobile payments, then contact us today to see how iid – The Identity People! - can assist you.

‘We are delighted to be using IID to support the electronic KYC and sanctions checking within our customer online application process. Not only does IID provide us the necessary compliance with regulatory requirements, we have also found the API integration to be straightforward and the support to be prompt and friendly.’
— Clint Wilson, Chief Executive of ParentPay Limited

Why choose iid's Identity Solutions for Banking, Prepaid cards, insurance, gift cards and mobile payments?

Reduce acquisition costs

By utilising the iid staged execution screening method you can avoid full verification costs if a client fails at the first fence

On board the highest level of consumers

In like for like trials iid have uplifted match rates by up to 10%

Historically no outages

Since iid’s conception, iid’s platform has never had an outage making iid’s products and services one of the most reliable in the market today

Superior analytic audit trails & reporting

iid’s unique dashboard provides a comprehensive audit trail of all verifications and incorporates reporting tools for management or regulator information

On-going match rate reviews

iid will continually review your match rates to ensure you reaching the highest possible level at all times

Data independent

iid are data independent and perform regular reviews of Global data sources ensuring that the best quality data is utilised at all times

Unrivalled customer support

iid pride themselves on their excellent customer service & believe our outstanding customer retention level reflects the level of strong & happy clients we maintain in our ever growing customer base

Accurate 2+2 matching techniques

iid’s ‘black and white’ screening method provides an accurate and fully compliant 2+2 verification, avoiding grey areas that some point scoring methods can portray

24 hour integration

Rapid integration guides in multiple coding languages

Products for Financial & Prepaid Sector

iid Authenticate - Desktop, Gateway & Batch

iid authenticate desktop is an intuitive and configurable web based desktop portal access providing a means to conduct ID and/or Age verification manually. Check against multiple data sources; including Sanctions & PEP data, to meet your own individual business requirements and perform an accurate and compliant 2+2 verification instantly. All checks are recorded for audit trail purposes within the iid dashboard and available for review or for reporting purposes whenever required.


iid gateway provides seamless api interface to multiple data sources for ID and/or Age Verification and comprehensive Sanctions and PEP data for AML compliance. Iid provide rapid integration guides in multi coding languages for uncomplicated and swift integration. As with iid authenticate desktop, all checks are recorded for audit trail purposes and available for review within the iid dashboard.


iid authenticate batch is an offline service carrying out ID and/or Age verification and AML checks on batches of records at one time. Simply provide us with the data you want to verify and we will return a status report tailored to your specific requirements. Results will also be available for review within the iid dashboard.

iid Enhanced Interaction

iid enhanced interaction delivers human intervention within the customer registration process as an alternative to e-KYC. This manual solution is particularly relevant when dealing with multi-national, non-UK verifications and also in the event of poor data availability or at the point of e-KYC authentication failure.

Electronic KYC is a huge success where the good data is available. However, in regions where the data isn’t present or of poor integrity there is still a requirement for KYC. The iid enhanced interaction manual solution fulfils this gap and delivers full KYC with global coverage.

iid SAVI Screen & Verify Identity

iid SAVI is a desktop portal enabling organisation to conduct Anti Money Laundering and Customer Due Diligence checks on individuals and organisations Worldwide. Iid SAVI returns detailed results enabling you to make a risk based decision using the data available instantly.

iid BSMaRT Batch Screening, Monitoring and Reporting Tool

iid BSMaRT has been developed to provide organisations with an uncomplicated and cost effective solution that will Screen, Monitor and Alert you to potential risk and fulfil all of your on-going Global Sanctions and PEP screening requirements. iid BSMaRT uses sophisticated screening methods to ensure false positives are kept to a minimum . This web based application also provides an intuitive case management suite for reviewing and actioning potential Sanctions and PEP alerts and is completely configurable to meet your specific business, needs depending on risk appetite and budget.

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More Details
eKYC & eCDD:
  • UK & International data sources
  • Global sanctions & PEP data
  • Accurate 2+2 ID verification
  • Fully recorded and reportable audit trails
  • API & desktop portal access
  • Rapid integration guides in multiple coding languages
  • Intuitive interfaces needing little or no training
Manual KYC & CDD:
  • Verification of all first and second class ID in multiple languages i.e. passports, driver’s license, id cards
  • Includes global sanctions & PEP screening
  • Supports all international character sets for incoming and outgoing communications
  • Fully recorded and reportable audit trails
  • Rapid integration guides in multiple coding languages
  • Batch solutions for non-integrated clients who need additional support during peak periods
Ongoing Sanctions & PEP screening:
  • Fully automated daily, weekly or monthly screening
  • Web based alert management suite
  • Fully recorded and reportable audit trails
  • Fully recorded and reportable audit trails
  • Intuitive interface
  • Flexible matching thresholds to meet individual risk appetites